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Ministry Opportunities in Peru

healthcare work in ChimboteThe ministries of the Sisters are many in Chimbote, Peru and missionaries serve side-by-side by local healthcare workers at the Hospicio (Hospice) del Sistema del Verbo Encarnado providing baths to the sick and dying, taking height and weight measurements of young children living in invasiones (literally translated as invasion zones, but figuratively, in this context, means land inhabited by squatters) where protein is lacking in the diet and teaching mothers and fathers about the need to keep livestock out of homes to improve sanitary living conditions for families.

Women’s empowerment projects in Chimbote and surrounding areas have become a model for economic development and community advancement. Employing capacity-building workshops and a radio program, a women’s group, with the help of rotating missionaries, has awakened the community’s interest in creating self-sustaining businesses and projects.

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