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Rebuilding Community in Mexico

Community rebuilding is a theme in the work that lies ahead of persons willing to serve as missionaries in Mexico.

The sprawling city of Ciudad Juarez has experienced a lull in violence related to drug-trafficking, but the physical, emotional and logistical scars are present, so we hope that a missionary will soon join the Sisters of the Incarnate Word who have had a continued presence for over 18 years to re-build and rejuvenate the colonias along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The districto called Iztapalapa is located in the Southeast corner of the Districto Federal of Mexico City and there you will find three Hermanas del Verbo Encarnado, las dos Teresitas (the two Teresas) y Araceli who  live on a property adjacent to a former two-story school building which they have recently begun to renovate in order to offer the neighborhood adults and children a place to play, learn and unite.

After conducting a needs assessment, the sisters rounded up volunteers to teach classes on computer skills, exercise, and even carpentry for men. A missionary would be heartily welcomed to join the team in growing the spirit of a vibrant mission.

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