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Serving in San Anto

blogpost-saIn the heart of the Westside of San Antonio, Texas is the volunteer house where IWMs live in community sharing a five bedroom house with a kitchen, two bathrooms, a living room and a meditation room.

Missionaries can use public transportation or their own vehicles to get to their mission site which could be next door at Inner City Development doing food pantry give-away or after-school reading program, or helping in any of the ministries of the Sisters, like  tutoring children at Visitation House, a place for single moms and their children, or organizing a young girl’s education/empowerment event with Women’s Global Connection.

The beauty of serving as a missionary in San Anto as it’s affectionately called, is that there are many Sisters with whom you can share a meal, take a walk in the urban forest or pray with during mass or early morning reflection.

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