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Walking with you …

walking-with-youWe have lots of ways to walk with you during your time as an Incarnate Word Missionary! Formation for the IWM Program includes intentional time for prayer, reflection, discussion, in order to deepen our relationship with God.

After a person has been accepted into the program, we ask you to contemplate the ways in which the charism of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word will express itself in your missionary life, from the mission site where you wish to serve, to the friends and local community that will support you, to the manner in which you will care for yourself and others. We provide a copy of the Covenant which tells about how you will live as a missionary, your responsibilities and that of the program as well as your commitment to the services of others.

Incarnate Word Sisters share a meal with IW Missionaries

Incarnate Word Sisters share a meal with IW Missionaries

Orientation takes place in San Antonio, Texas or Mexico City, D.F. for about ten days and includes fellowship with the Sisters of the Incarnate Word, the staff of Women’s Global Connection and other ministries of the Sisters, and other missionaries. The days are spent learning how to care for yourself while on mission, such as diet, exercise and meditation, how to grow in your spiritual development with prayer, readings, mass and prayer groups, and how to build community in your mission site, neighborhood and in your community home.

We also take time for retreats: a three to five-day retreat in or around your local mission site and a five to seven-day retreat away from your mission site to allow for mediation and relaxation as well as addressing some issues or topics that might have surfaced during the days on mission. The retreats are typically led by Sisters of the Incarnate Word or a community-friendly priest or associate.

At the end of your two-year service, after you have said your good-byes to the local community, you will return to Mexico or San Antonio, to reflect on your experience, prepare for your re-integration into your new definition of “home” and learn some ways to cope with all the changes upon your return.

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