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Things to Consider Before Applying

Our discernment process is truly a collaboration between the applicant, IWM program staff, the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word and the mission site. It is essential that all parties work together and feel comfortable, so that the experience is beneficial to everyone involved.

…working, living, and learning
in a cross-cultural setting…

Working, living, and learning in a cross-cultural setting demands that the missionary first listen and then act, remaining open to different ways of living and perceiving the world. Flexibility and a sense of humor are a must.

…open to different ways of living…

Our missionaries develop relationships with the Sisters of Charity of Incarnate Word (CCVI) who serve in the communities where IWMs live and work and as such, requires a desire and willingness to be actively involved in the community.

…being actively involved in community…

Our missionaries are identified by others as Incarnate Word lay missionaries and as Catholic Church workers. It is important that applicants be comfortable with that role and identity.

Peru 2014

Peru 2014

Basic Requirements

Applicants must

  • be men and women, ages 21 years or older, single or married, without dependents
  • make a commitment of two (2) years; if only a one (1) year commitment, then service must be conducted in country of origin
  • have a high-school diploma, but a college degree is preferred
  • be free of outstanding debt that cannot be deferred
  • have a good command of the language for the mission site in which they will serve

Could there be a better way of sharing my gifts and directing my passion?

Ada Garza-Cordova
Incarnate Word Missionary (2013-2014)
Chimbote, Perú

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