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Benefits and Details


img_2545Those invited to join the Incarnate Word Missionary Program will sign both an IWM Covenant and an IWM Contract (see Forms under the How to Apply tab). The Covenant lays out spiritual guidelines and values. The Contract lays out the practical expectations for the missionaries as they related to the lived experience of the IWM values. The Guidelines outline the expectations for how you will live in your mission site with other IWMs.


IWM program will pay for one round-trip transportation cost to the mission site, retreats and IWM events. The missionary is responsible for travel to orientation and any personal travel.


img_0754Missionaries are given a stipend to cover personal costs and food allowance. Community funds cover communication expenses such as internet, on-site transportation, rent, housing and medical expenses (co-payments).


Missionaries are covered by basic health insurance while in the program.


A mid-year and annual retreat are provided for missionaries. These may be held at a CCVI ministry site and cost will be paid for by IWM program.


tanzania-iwmteriA two-week vacation time is allotted at the end of the first and second year and the missionary will cover any costs related to this vacation time.

Loan deferment

Missionaries who have student loans are generally eligible for economic hardship forbearance while they are in the program. Ask the lender for details and provide paperwork to IWM program director. It is the responsibility of the missionary to make sure the forbearance is approved.


The missionary is responsible for passport and visa expenses and transactions.


The applicant must have an appropriate level of fluency in the language of the country where they will serve. Some ministries require a higher level of fluency than others. A language assessment will be conducted by a member of the IWM team.


dsc08859Missionaries entering IWM program must attend an orientation at the beginning of their commitment in Mexico City or San Antonio, Texas. Following this, the missionaries will receive an on-site orientation in their respective mission location.


A contract can be extended three times after a signed two-year commitment. IWM must attend a re-entry program for returning missionaries when they complete their commitment.

Site visit

IWM program staff will conduct site visits at least once a year to meet with IWMs, mission site supervisors and CCVIs.

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