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Seven to ten day sessions with the purpose of interacting with Sisters of Charity of Incarnate Word, preparing for intercultural experience, advising on spiritual development, understanding mission site responsibilities, appreciating community living and other concepts related to the mission experience. This typically is held in San Antonio or Mexico City.


The mid-year retreat is a three to five day gathering including travel which focuses on on-going personal and communal spiritual development. The annual retreat is a five to seven day gathering that will focus on professional, personal and communal development. These retreats are arranged and led by IWM program office, Sisters of the Incarnate Word and CCVI Associates. These are typically held in the mission site city or country.


At the end of service term and before the missionary returns to their host country or permanent residence, the missionary will attend a seven to ten-day Re-Entry program in Mexico City or San Antonio, Texas. The purpose of this Re-Entry formation is to assist in the reintegration process life after mission.

Spiritual Companions

During Orientation, an IWM is encouraged to engage a Sister of the Incarnate Word as a spiritual companion to be able to share and grow the missionary’s spiritual development over the course of the term.

Community Night / Prayer / Activities

The community gathers on a regular basis to dine together, celebrate liturgy together or participate in community activities together.


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